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About Us

On Solid Ground – Stone is our Business.

CGM has an experienced staff of 20 years. We specialize in GRANITE and MARBLE in which we’re equipped with the latest equipment to process, polish and cut. Our products reach various industries, including home design to building projects.

CGM offers installation services, including external wall cladding and interior finishes. Our belief is that those most adept at handling granite are also the best to install it.

At CGM, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we ensure that you always get the right type of stone for your needs at the most competitive prices. Our diligence has cemented our business on a global level, including Europe, India and China.

We Specialise In:

* Supply of Marble and Granite

* Profiling and Edge Polishing

* Vanity Island Top, Table Top, Kitchen Top

* Flooring and Wall Tiles


* Commercial

* Hotel

* Industrial

* Residential